dual momentum investing

Dual Momentum Investing: Maximizing Returns with Active Strategy


Dual momentum investing is a powerful strategy that combines the principles of relative strength and absolute momentum to enhance returns in the financial markets. This approach involves selecting assets based on their recent performance and holding positions in those that demonstrate strength and resilience.

Understanding Dual Momentum

In dual momentum investing, assets are assessed for relative strength compared to other assets in the same category. Those exhibiting the highest relative strength are favored. Determine whether to invest in the chosen assets or shift to a safer position like cash or bonds.

Identifying Relative Strength

The first step in dual momentum investing is identifying assets with the highest relative strength. Secondly, it involves comparing the performance of different assets and selecting the ones that have shown the strongest recent performance.

Utilizing Absolute Momentum

Absolute momentum is used to decide whether to invest in them or transition to a safer asset. Absolute momentum helps to avoid downtrends and safeguard profits.

Transitioning Strategically

Transitioning between assets strategically is a hallmark of this. Also, when the market conditions favor a different set of assets, the portfolio is adjusted accordingly to capture potential returns.


  1. Enhanced Returns: By focusing on assets with high relative strength, it aims to capture the strongest performers, potentially leading to better returns.
  2. Risk Management: Absolute momentum allows for a proactive approach to risk management, ensuring a more secure investment strategy.
  3. Adaptability: The strategy’s ability to transition between assets enables it to adapt to changing market conditions, and optimize returns.


Dual momentum investing is an active investment strategy that empowers investors to capitalize on strong market trends while minimizing exposure to downturns. Moreover by integrating relative and absolute momentum, this approach seeks to maximize returns and effectively manage risk. Furthermore as with any investment strategy, it’s essential to carefully analyze and understand the nuances of dual momentum investing before incorporating it into your investment portfolio.