restaurant business plan template google docs

Restaurant Business Plan Template Google Docs

Restaurant business plan template helps to outline a plan using Google Docs. Keep in mind that a business plan typically includes the following sections:

Executive Summary:

  • Brief overview of your restaurant concept.
  • Mission and vision statements.
  • Key highlights of your business plan.

Company Description:

  • Detailed description of your restaurant concept.
  • Target market and customer demographics.
  • Unique selling points and competitive advantages.

Market Analysis:

  • Overview of the restaurant industry and current trends.
  • Analysis of local market and competitors.
  • Target audience and customer needs.

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

  • Marketing plan, including online and offline strategies.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Sales tactics and promotional activities.

Menu and Offerings:

  • Detailed description of your menu and food/beverage offerings.
  • Specialties, signature dishes, and any unique features.

Operational Plan:

  • Location and facilities.
  • Staffing plan and organizational structure.
  • Supply chain management.

Financial Projections:

  • Startup costs and funding sources.
  • Projected income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet.
  • Break-even analysis and return on investment (ROI).

SWOT Analysis:

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your restaurant.


  • Any additional information such as permits, licenses, legal documents, and references.

To create this business plan template in Google Docs, follow these steps:

    Open Google Docs:

    Create a New Document:

    • Click on the “+” sign to create a new blank document.

    Organize Sections:

    • Create headings for each section using appropriate font size and formatting.
    • Insert a table of contents with hyperlinks to quickly navigate the document.

    Content Creation:

    • Under each section heading, start writing the content for that section.


    • Use formatting tools like headings, subheadings, bullet points, and numbering to make your plan more readable.

    Images and Graphics:

    • Insert images, logos, and graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the plan.

    Collaboration and Sharing:

    • Share the document with relevant stakeholders for feedback and collaboration.


      Remember, this is just a template outline. You should tailor each section to your specific restaurant concept, target market, and financial projections. Restaurant Business Plan provide accurate and realistic information to make your business plan informative and convincing.