How to Easily Transfer Your Google Business to Another Email Address


Transfer your Google Business account to another email address might seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be a smooth and hassle-free process. Whether you’re rebranding your business or simply changing email providers, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition.

Step 1: Why Transfer Your Google Business Account?

Before we delve into the transfer process, let’s discuss why you might consider moving your Google Business account to another email address. There are several reasons, such as:

  1. Rebranding:
  2. If your business undergoes a rebranding or a change in its domain name, transfer the Google Business account to another email ensures consistency across all platforms.
  3. Employee Changes:
  4. When an employee responsible for managing the account leaves the company, transferring the account prevents data loss and ensures uninterrupted management.
  5. Email Provider Switch:
  6. If you’re changing your email service provider, it’s crucial to update your Google Business account to maintain communication and control.

Step 2: The Transfer Process

Transferring your Google Business account involves a few key steps. Let’s break them down:

Access Your Google My Business Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your current Google Business account using your existing email credentials. Navigate to your Google My Business dashboard to start the transfer process.
  2. Click on “Users”:
  3. Once in the dashboard, click on the “Users” tab. This is where you’ll manage access and permissions for your account.
  4. Add the New User:
  5. Click on the “+ Invite new users” button and enter the new email address to which you want to transfer the account. Assign the appropriate role, typically “Owner” or “Manager,” to the new user.
  6. Accept the Invitation:
  7. Log in to the new email account and accept the invitation. Make sure to use the same Google account associated with the new email.
  8. Change Ownership:
  9. Back in the Google My Business dashboard, find the new user in the list of users. Change their role to “Primary Owner.” This will transfer ownership of the account to the new email address.

Step 3: Completing the Transfer

With the ownership transferred, the final steps involve a bit of cleanup:

  1. Update Business Information: Review your business information to ensure it’s up to date. Update any references to the old email address.
  2. Review Verification Methods: Double-check the verification methods for your business listing, such as phone numbers or addresses. Update them if necessary to ensure continued access.
  3. Inform Team Members: If you have team members managing the account, inform them about the transfer and provide any necessary training.

Step 4: Conclusion

Transferring your Google Business account to another email address is a strategic move that helps maintain the integrity of your online presence. Whether it’s due to rebranding, employee changes, or email provider shifts, following the steps outlined in this guide ensures a seamless transition. Remember, keeping your business information accurate and up to date is essential for maintaining your online reputation.

In conclusion, embracing change and utilizing the right tools can make the process of transferring your Google Business account to another email address a breeze. Stay proactive, stay visible, and continue making the most of your digital endeavors.