Why Home Insurance Prices Rise

Why Home Insurance Prices Rise

If you’re starting to feel like your home insurance prices are going up with every renewal, you’re not alone. One of the most common questions asked at renewal time is ‘Why have my premiums gone up?’. 

It can be hard to find cheap Schenectady NY home insurance, and it’s not a good feeling when prices increase on a seemingly random basis. So, let’s look into the factors that affect your premium.

Your Claims History

If your insurance prices go up, it may be because you’ve made a claim in the past year. This even covers small claims such as water damage or liability. There’s unfortunately not a lot you can do about this.


You may hear the term inflation being thrown around a lot, and although it sounds very vague, it has a lot of repercussions, and one of these is your home insurance cost increasing. For example, the inflation rate in 2022 was 8%, and this can equate to quite a large increase for this year too.

Your Company Paid Out Claims

Insurance companies take a look at the number of homes they insure and spread the risk over many homes so they can afford to keep the costs down. But, when an insurance company experiences a year with much higher-than-expected claims, it has to adjust the premium to cover the losses and operating costs.

You Lost Discounts

You should take a look at your renewed homeowner’s policy and look for any discounts that are different between one year and the other. Your discounts may have been removed if you didn’t submit proof of safety divides or if there’s not enough up-to-date documentation. All you have to do in this case is contact your insurer and make sure they have everything up to date.

You Made Home Improvements

Home improvements can both increase the value of your home and increase your insurance due to this increase of value. Keep this in mind before you get start on home improvements. In addition to this, adding hazards to your home such as a swimming pool or a trampoline can also increase the home insurance cost due to liability.

Your Credit Score Decreased

In the state of New York, many companies will look at your credit score to see what you should be paying for your homeowners’ insurance. This is because your credit score helps determine what your level of risk may be.

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